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Report an Accident

When to Complete the Accident/Incident Report

  • When an employee has a work related accident or incident the Supervisor along with the employee shall complete the Accident/Incident Form, which is found on the Health & Safety Website.
  • If the accident/incident is a near miss (no injury) or the employee requires first aid, the Accident/Incident form is completed and forwarded to Health & Safety.
  • If the employee is injured and requires medical attention the Supervisor along with the employee will complete the Accident/Incident form when practicable to do so. If it is not practical to complete the report together the Supervisor will complete the report to the best of his abilities and forward it to Health & Safety for further investigation.

When an Employee requires Medical Attention

  • If the employee is initially seeking medical attention they must ask the Health Care Provider for page 2 of the Form 8. The Form 8 is the Health Professional’s report of injury that is sent to the WSIB. Page 2 of the new Form 8 replaces the initial Functional Abilities Form (FAF) normally requested at time of Injury. The employee must return the completed page 2 of the Form 8 to their Supervisor as soon as practicable to ensure a successful early and safe return to work.
  • All Documents must be forwarded to the Office of Health & Safety within 24 hours of the accident/incident, by fax at: 519-971-3671, or by email at:  Original copies can be sent afterwards through inter-university mail.

Injury reporting for Students working an unpaid placement

If you are a student who was injured during an approved Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) unpaid placement please click on the Unpaid Placement link.