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Record of Student Course Ratings Tables

Teaching Results SOST (prior to August 31, 2004):

Teaching Results SET (prior to August 31, 2004):
Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) Reports for the UCAPT PTR Process and SOST Records:
  • Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) data has been collected since the Fall 2004 semester. Information Technology Services (ITS) provides the resulting SET reports for the UCAPT process to the academic administrative unit (AAU) heads annually. These reports are required to assist the AAU PTR committee in completing the evaluation of teaching and learning portion of the UCAPT Promotion, Tenure and Renewal (PTR) application form.
  • Reports are provided for all Probationary Tenure Track and Tenured faculty members. Please retain the data for all faculty members who are not currently making application for renewal, tenure or promotion.
  • Please disregard the "shadowed" word "DEMO" on the report pages. This notation refers to the software version being used to create the reports and does not invalidate the summarized data provided.
  • Where faculty members teaching cross-listed courses have submitted student responses for multiple sections in one envelope for processing, all of the cross-listed courses will probably be listed within the instructor's "home" department course number.
  • Please attach the SET Report printouts provided by Information Technology Services (ITS) to the UCAPT application form.
  • Please ensure that Table 3 is produced by the AAU Head and is attached to the UCAPT application form.
  • Please note that the SET summarized data reports are only one of the various sources of input to be used during the PTR Committee's decision making process in relation to the assessment of teaching and learning; others include the various sources suggested on page 1 of the UCAPT Rating and Evaluation Form and noted below:

“[For example, for sources: personal observation, videos, AAU or other seminars, SET reports and other feedback, alumni surveys, clinical/field reports, and for information: teaching dossier, number and average size of courses evaluated, the number of different courses taught, the levels of instruction provided, the period of time in years covered by this evaluation, and a summary of the professor's teaching evaluation scores in relation to a profile of comparable evaluations from the Program. If the Optional UCAPT Teaching Dossier is provided, please refer to relevant contents specifically. Also, see Article 5:08 (c)(i)-(xiii) of the Collective Agreement.]”

  • Please note that SOST records need to be attached to the UCAPT application form for each faculty member for all courses taught from the date of her/his appointment up to and including the period ending August 31, 2004. Academic administrative unit heads are responsible for providing these records in the format demonstrated in the PTR Training Guide (p. 22, 23) and in the Resource Materials booklet (p. 11, 12).
  • Also, please note that SOST records need to be produced by the academic administrative unit for all Distance Education courses as these courses are not yet using the SET process.
  • Technical Questions/concerns? Please contact Mamun Chowdury at ITS,
  • PTR Administrative Questions? Please contact Cindy Wills at ext. 2010 or