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Dillon Hall
Dillon Hall

October 2016

What we asked:

Over the last month, the University has been unveiling a new awareness campaign about the University of Windsor, communicating something that a lot of people on campus identify as a core characteristic of our students, staff, and faculty: Promise

What does “Promise” mean to you?

And the winner is...

Bryan Dutot (HK) feels that a promise is a commitment to make something specific happen. In his entry, he talks about the promise individuals make to themselves or others to challenge themselves to further education, and to further their careers. And he also believes that the University commits to helping students keep those promises.

Read Bryan’s answer.

Honourable mention:

Sophie Rutter (BA (Hons) Psychology) argues that promise is the bonding of potential and action….promise is being awake and alive, unafraid and unashamed of your optimism at the University of Windsor.

Read Sophie’s answer.

What others said:

Emily Harper (MA, Crim ‘17) said that educational promises are important because they assure “growth, improvement and success” and that the educational process also involves “the promise that student make to themselves, their parents or family, or their partners, to be educated. “

Tamam Yassin (Hons BComm '20) is at the University of Windsor through the World University Services of Canada Student Refugee Program.  She says that the University has “helped me to complete my education as a WUSC student who came from Syria - one of the best universities around the world ....this is what promise means to me. Thanks to all staff at the University of Windsor.”

What we're doing:

  • We are getting the message out to our future students that the University of Windsor is the right place to fulfill your potential, with amazing opportunities for personal, intellectual, and social growth, and for career readiness upon graduation.
  • We’ve hoisted banners showcasing our promising students, all over campus.
  • Promise awareness campaigns are underway in the GTA, with new outreach across Windsor-Essex as well.
  • We have created an inspiring video in which UWindsor students define what Promise means to them. Check it out at
  • We’re inviting conversation, on all levels, to explore what your promise is, and how we can help you fulfil it.
  • Your life. The world. Anything is possible. The best proof of a promise fulfilled is you.