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October 2016 - Winning Entry

What we asked:

What does “Promise” mean to you?

The winning entry...

By Bryan Dutot, Faculty of Human Kinetics

A promise is a declaration or assurance that one will do a particular thing or that a particular thing will happen.  That is what promise means to me.  When you graduate from high school or even decide to come back to school, you make a promise.  Whether you know it or not, you did. You promise yourself, "I am going to challenge myself to more schooling to further my career."  You come to UWindsor with a promise.  And I believe that the University of Windsor gives you the tools needed to achieve and not break that particular promise.

My name is Bryan, and I am a fourth year Human Kinetics major specializing in Sport Management, with a minor in Business Administration. I have a promise.  UWindsor has helped me live my promise.  At Windsor, I promised myself to make friends, and I have made new best friends. At Windsor, I promised myself to network and enhance my career, and I have met educated individuals and gotten involved in so many different ways. At Windsor, I promised myself to finish and graduate, and I plan to do so, come April.

I promised myself to have fun.  UWindsor not only met that promise, it surpassed it.  I represented UWindsor HK at UBC and McGill for the Kinesiology Games.  I have had the opportunity to show that UWindsor students can be successful to the Detroit Pistons Ticket Sales staff.  I went to Germany to study with others at an international level.  I have taken an active role with the Human Kinetics Society for all four years of my undergrad.  I have been directed towards greater things because of the promise I made and how the University of Windsor pushed me towards them.

Honourable mention

By Sophie Rutter, (Hons) Psychology

Windsor is a city not always seen as a place of promise. Abandoned buildings beckon in feelings of inferiority, the media mocks us, and we come to mock ourselves. But how can we forget…

How can we forget that researchers at our school have done ground-breaking cancer research? How can we forget that our Bringing in the Bystander program exists as a unique approach to fighting sexual assault? How can we not take pride in the diversity of our campus, in our patchwork quilt of cultural backgrounds?

Promise is a bonding of potential and action. Potential at Windsor is built through our emphasis on critical thinking, originality, and hard work. Action is evident when we take the chance to write our own collective narrative, to jump in head first and show that our campus is worth so much more than people believe.

Promise is about being awake and alive, being unafraid and unashamed to be those bright-eyed enthusiasts, stronger together and ready to take a chance.