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March 2016 - Winning Entry

What we asked:

What does student success mean to you?

The winning entry...

Laurette DubeBy Laurette Dubé, Faculty of Nursing

To me, success is what you've become today.

Sure maybe you failed that assignment, or accidentally fell asleep during lecture last period, or even failed that midterm that was worth 35% of grade and is now in "uh-oh-zone-need-to-calculate-my-needed-percent-to-pass-mark range". Truth is, failing is success. If we never failed we never tried. Failing permits us to restart. Sure maybe that's six thousand more dollars, but you know what, it's a second chance to be better. And I know that EVERYONE wants to be better, even those we think are perfect.

Failing allows us to reflect and re-do it. Sometimes, because we've failed so much we start to believe we're failures, and that there is no hope for the future. Well, stop that. Think of it this way instead. You did plan A. Fail. Plan B. Fail. Plan C. Fail. Plan D. Fail. That's 4 fat fails. Then you look at your classmate. Plan A. Pass. Done. Smiles. Skips away with joy. The difference between you and your classmate is that you've TRIED three other plans!!! They've just done their original plan. Don't you see? You've actually acquired more skill (They're still doing awesome too, though!!!). Then you do Plan E, because plans A-D were unsuccessful. Plan E. Pass!! But here it's important to THINK how you passed Plan E, but couldn't pass the other plans. Sure maybe you found that Plan E was actually interesting and doable, so you passed. But maybe, you can think that those 4 failures, LEAD you to success. It helped you find your passion. It helped you shape who you are today. You are wonderful because of your fails, then your hard-headed attitude to succeed pushed you to this Plan E. And now you're doing amazing.

Student success is becoming your full you. Even if that means failing, once, twice, or sixteen times. There are 26 letters in the alphabet... you have options even if that means Plan Z. And if that doesn't work, Roman numerals are unlimited.

Success is you. The one reading this. You are student success because you try everyday to be better than yesterday. To complete what was procrastinated. To find new solutions to old and present problems. To stand tall after falling. And to always having the motivation to go to Plan #1,094,979,275,742,947. Life gets in the way, but you get through it. You prove that you are a success because every decision, good or not so good, shapes you positively (Yes, even the less than good decisions that may have gotten you in trouble, because you are better now, OR will be better after this bump). Keep going, and you will reach success. Even if it's Plan 9,827,497,147,53.

Getting up and conquering the doubts, fears, negative vibes, makes you successful. Makes you awesome.