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Women's Research Grants 2012


Burr, C, History, “Single Women in Post-World War Two American Popular Culture,” $5,000

Collier, C, Political Science, “Examining the relationship between federalism and social movements: Meso-level childcare advocacy in Canada and the United States,” $5,000

Fox, S, Nursing, “Examining the Impact of Structural Telephone Support for Patients with Heart Failure on Hospital Re-admission: A Comparison of Two Intensities,” $5,000

Fritz, P, Psychology, “A Pilot Study of the Process by which Dating Aggression Commences,” $5,000

Ku, J, Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology, “Enhancing the ‘Welcoming’ Character of Windsor- Essex through Mapping Immigrant Everyday Encounters,” $5,000

McGowan, C, Kinesiology, “The effects of short-term, community-based pulmonary rehabilitation on nervous system dysfunction in individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,” $5,000

Morrissey, J, Computer Science, “Getting more precise and concise answers to questions from the internet,” $5,000

Ong, A, Business, “Accounting for Leases and the Differences in European and Us Perspective,” $5,000

Rourssinova, V, Civil & Environmental Engineering, “Turbulent Flow in Open Channel with Clusters of Submerged Vegetation,” $5,000

Salvato, G, Languages, Literatures & Cultures, “Looking Beyond Words,” $4,500

Schlosser, F, Business, “Balancing Social and Entrepreneurial Foci in Born and Adapted Social Enterprises,” $5,000

Stevens-Abbitt, E, Dramatic Art, “The Innovative Political Theatre of Contemporary Feminist Playwright,” $5,000