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Tri-Success Grant Program (TSGP) - SSHRC Grants 2012

Barrett, Betty, Social Work, “Police Response to Intimate Partner Violence:  Do Victim Characteristics Still Matter”, $5,000

Fujita, Nobuko, Education, “Using Social Media for Formative Assessment to Enhance Online Teaching and Learning”, $5,000

Johnston, Mark, English, “Crafting Barbers in Early Modern English Literature, Drama, and Culture”, $5,000

Starr, Elizabeth, Education, “Experiences and Stresses Associated with Transition to Kindergarten for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders:  A Focus Group Study of Culturally Diverse Parents’ Perspectives”, $5,000

Walker, Kent, Business, “A case  meta-analysis identifying empirical archetypes of environmental performance”, $3,000

Woolf, Jules, Kinesiology, “Managing sport development absent a formal governance structure:  A case study of a mixed martial arts training centre”, $5,000

Yun, Sung Hyun, Social Work, “Exploring Determinants of Human Trafficking Victimization and Its Protection and Prevention by Analyzing Institutional and Personal Discourses:  A Case Study of temporary foreign workers”, $5,000