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Tri-Success Grant Program (TSGP) Grants 2013


Boffa, Michael, Chemistry & Biochemistry, “Regulation of TAFI expression and function”, $5,000


Cohen, Jerome, Psychology, “Factors affecting Rats’ Visuo-Spatial Memory in the New Object Recognition”, $5,000

Pasek, Zbigniew, IMSE, “Small Manufacturing Enterprise Design Based on Feedback Control Approach, Incomplete Performance Data and Risk Analysis”, $5,000


Chandler, Krista, Kinesiology “Increasing children’s active play by incorporating imagery into the school physical education curriculum”, $5,000

Kwantes Catherine, Psychology, “Psychological contracts and organizational commitment in a First Nation context”, $5,000

Loughead, Todd, Kinesiology, “Developing leadership behaviours in athletes”, $5,000

Miljan, Lydia, Political Science, “Canadian Journalists and their future in the digital era”, $5,000

Moon, Richard, Law, “Putting Faith in Hate: Religion as the Source and Subject of Hate Speech”, $3,800

Willett, Jennifer, Visual Arts, “Sustainable Bio-Futures:  Imagining New Ecologies in the Biotechnological Age through Art and Science”, $5,000

Wood, Laura, Kinesiology, “Managing sport events to maximize positive impacts”, $5,000

Collier, Cheryl, Political Science, “Examining he Relationship Between Federalism and Social Movements:  Meso-level Child Care Advocacy in Canada and the United States”, $5,000

Wright, Robin, Social Work, “Tamil Nadu Child Development Study:  Pilot Testing of the Early Development Instrument (EDI) in Tiruchirappalli (Trichy), Tamil Nadu, S. India:  A Tool for Monitoring Children’s Development and Readiness for School”, $5,000