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Tri-Success Grant Program (TSGP) 2011



Arbex,, Marcelo, Economics, “Optimal Policy and International Enforcement Coordination,” $5,000 

Holloway, Susan, Education, “Preparing Teachers to Become Lifelong Learners:  Exploring Effective Education Strategies of Critical Teacher Educators,” $5,000 

Loughead, Todd, Kinesiology, “Developing Effective Athlete Leaders in Sport,” $5,000 

Tindale, Christopher, Philosophy, “A philosophical understanding of audience for contemporary argumentation theory,” $5,000



Abeare, Christopher, Psychology, “Emotion Word Semantics,” $5,000 

Andrews, David, Kinesiology, “Soft and rigid tissue effects on shock propagation and musculoskeletal injury prevention,” $5,000 

Asfour, Abdul-Fattah, Civil & Environmental Engineering, “Transport Properties in Non-electrolyte liquid Solutions and in Membranes,” $5,000 

Baki, Mohammed, Business, “Combinatorial Problems in Manufacturing,” $5,000 

Yuan, Xiaobu, Computer Science, “A Study of Collaborative Planning and Its Application in E-Commerce,” $5,000 



McGowan, Cherri, Kinesiology, "Isometric handgrip training and arterial blood pressure:  Effects and mechanisms in post-menopausal women,” $5,000 

Porter, Lisa, Biological Sciences, "Role of Spy1 in Neurogenesis; Implications in the Developmet of High Grade Glioma," $5,000