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SSHRC Standard Research Grant 2011


Bick, Sally, Music, “The Americanization of Communism:  CPUSA and American art Music,” $96,604 (3 yrs); 

Coulter, Kendra, Sociology & Anthropology, “Understanding Retail Workers in Canada,” $12,882 (1 yr); 

Habibov, Nazim, Social Work, “Understanding rising income inequality in the countries of the South Caucasus during transition:  Magnitude, profile and determinants,” $8,730 (1 yr); 

Mahajan, Ashish, Business, “Antecedents and Consequences of Expatriate’s Willingness to Seek Help from Locals,” $23,120 (1 yr); 

Pascual-Leone, Antonio, Psychology, “Patterns of change:  Tracking the micro-processes of emotional development,” $27,931 (1 yr); 

Sun, Jerry, Business, “An Empirical Investigation of Compensation Committee Governance Quality,” $22,162 (1 yr); 

Waldron, Janice, Music “Adult Music Learning and Teaching in Celtic-Canadian Music:  Locating Community in Postmodern Place,” $131,530 (3 yrs).