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SSHRC Insight Grants 2012

SSHRC Insight Grants 2012

Basok, T., Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology, “Mobility in Transnational Zones of Precarity: A View from the Guatemala-Mexico Border”, $133,050 (3 yrs)

Lippert, R., Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology, “A Comparative Study of Condominium Governance in Toronto and New York City”, $169,975 (3 yrs)

Walton, D., Philosophy, “The Carneades Argumentation System”, $315,246 (5 yrs)

SSHRC Insight Grant – Sport Participation Research Initiative 2012

Dixon, J., Human Kinetics, “Exploring developmental factors for overcoming relative age effects in ice hockey”, $89,924 (3 yrs)