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SSHRC Insight Development Grants 2012

Fitzgerald, Amy, Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology, “An exploration of the relationship between intimate partner violence and animal abuse in Canada and its impact upon help seeking behavior amount abused women”, $20,222

Habibov, Nazim, Social Work, “Working but still poor:  Explaining working poverty through multiyear study of Canada, US, UK, Germany, and Switzerland”, $30,931 (2 yr)

Martinovic, Dragana, Education, “Improving Cognitive Process by Playing Computer Games”, $74,275

Pascual-Leone, Antonio, Psychology, “Patterns of change:  Emotional processing and individual differences in emotional development”, $70,619 (2 yrs)

Rhee, Hyuk-Jae, Economics, “Unemployment and monetary policy in a small open economy”, $9,100

Weaver, Robert, Social Work, “Determinants and Outcomes of adult education and training in the social investment state:  A Canadian-based analysis”, $25,230 (2 yrs)

Zhang, Zuochen, Education, “Information and Communication Technologies (CT), Pedagogy, and Curriculum in Teacher Education Building and International Network”, $33,767 (2 yrs)