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NSERC Research Tools & Instruments 2013

NSERC Research Tools and Instruments 2013

Heath, D., Biological Sciences, “High Through-Put Digital Field-Based Fish Measurement System,” $27,808

Mennill, D., Biological Sciences, “Long-Term Playback Devices and Automated Digital Recorders to Study Vocal Learning and Animal Communication by Four Collaborative Research Grants,” $50,838

Porter, L., Biological Sciences, “Microinjection System to Address Key Cell Biology Principals,” $75,481

Rawson, J., Chemistry & Biochemistry, “Powder X-Ray Diffraction (PXRD) Instrumentation,” $117,324

Biswas, N., Civil & Environmental Engineering, “HPLC for Development of Industrial Wastewater Treatment,” $39,755

Zheng, M., Mechanical, Automotive & Materials Engineering, “High Pressure Optical Chamber for Fuel Injection and Spray Study,” $150,000

Rehse, S., Physics, “Acquisition of a Broadband Spectrometer to be Integrated into na Interdisciplinary Atomic Emission Spectroscopy Facility,” $96,335