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NSERC Research Tools & Instruments 2012

Drouillard, K, Biological Sciences, “Multi-Channel Fish Respirometer,” $33,373

Higgs, D, Biological Sciences, “Networked Hydrophone Arrays for Passive Acoustic Recording of Underwater Sound,” $65,895

Love, O, Biological Sciences, “Four Season Research Field Vehicle for Studies and Training in Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental,” $36,836

Macisaac, H, Biological Sciences, “Vehicle for Great Lakes Research,” $29,561

Zielinski, B, Biological Sciences, “Light Source and Shutter for Optical Analysis of Neural Responses,” $11,213

Bolisetti, T, Biological Sciences, “Characterization of Chemical Grout Gelation,” $12,104

Altenhof, W, MAME, “High Speed Digital Image Correlation System for Material Deformation Analysis,” $110,224

Zheng, M, MAME, “A Flexible Fibre Optic Borescope for Diagnosis of Active Controlled After-Treatment and Engine,” $13,124