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NSERC Research Tools & Instruments 2011


Balachandar, R, Civil & Environmental Engineering, “High-resolution acoustic doppler velocimeter,” $12,853; 

Cristescu, M, GLIER, “Refrigerated microcentrifuge,” $13,601; 

Fartaj, Amir, MAME, “Integrated thermal wind tunnel,” $111,124; 

Fisk, A, GLIER, “Under-water acoustic arrays for studying large and fine scale movement of the Great Lakes fish,” $68,004; 

Macdonald, C, Chemistry & Biochemistry, “Raman Spectrometer for synthetic chemistry,” $149,580; 

Mennill, D, Biological Sciences, “Programmable digital recorders for long-term studies of tropical, temperate, and arctic animals,” $32,207; 

Schurko, R, Chemistry & Biochemistry, “Upgrade of the 500 MHz NMR Spectrometer,” $150,000; 

Vacratsis, P, Chemistry & Biochemistry, “Ultracentrifuge and density gradient fractionators for sub-organelle analysis,” $145,623.