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NSERC Discovery Grants 2013

NSERC Discovery Grants 2013

Baki, M., Business, “Integrated Machine Grouping, Tool Allocation and Sequencing in Line Design,” $105,000 (5 yrs)

Gauld, J., Chemistry & Biochemistry, “Elucidating the Power of ‘Scalpels’ of Catalysis: Computational and Theoretical Investigations on Biocatalytic Systems,” $170,000 (5 yrs)

Johnson, S., Chemistry & Biochemistry, “Base-Metal Complexes for Challenging Organometallic Transformations,” $270,000 (5 yrs)

Loeb, S., Chemistry & Biochemistry, “Incorporating Mechanically Interlocked Molecules into Solid State Materials,” $495,000 (5 yrs)

Macdonald, C., Chemistry & Biochemistry, “Low Oxidation State and Low Valent Main Group Chemistry,” $345,000 (5 yrs)

Wang, J., Chemistry & Biochemistry, “Discovery and Applications of Nonlinear Chemical Processes,” $170,000 (5 yrs)

Balachandar, R., Civil & Environmental Engineering, “Turbulent Flow and Transport in Open Channels with Natural Roughnesses: Experiments and Numerical Simulations,” $130,000 (5 yrs)

Seth, R., Civil & Environmental Engineering, “Fate and Transport of Contaminants and Advanced Tertiary Treatment for their Removal during Municipal Wastewater Treatment Process,” $105,000 (5 yrs)

Xu, X., Civil & Environmental Engineering, “Characterization of Intra-Urban Exposure and Source Impacts of Air Pollution through Monitoring and Modeling,” $110,000 (5 yrs)

Bandyopadhyay, S., Computer Science, “Optimal Design of Optical WDM Networks,” $75,000 (5 yrs)

Fisk, A., Earth & Environmental Sciences, “Mechanisms and Processes of Predator-Prey Interactions of Fish” $27,000 (1 yr)

Polat, A., Earth & Environmental Sciences, “Petrogenetic Investigation of Neoarchean Anorthosite-Greenstone Associations in the Superior Province, Canada,” $27,000 (1 yr)

Ahmadi, M., Electrical & Computer Engineering, “Low Power, Area Efficient, High Speed Algorithms and Architectures for Computer Arithmetic Pattern Recognition and Cryptosystems,” $255,000 (5 yrs)

Kwan, H., Electrical & Computer Engineering, “Intelligent Digital Filter Design and Applications,” $145,000 (5yrs)

Saif, M., Electrical & Computer Engineering, “Health Monitoring, Diagnostics, and Self-Healing in Complex and Networked Engineering Systems,” $145,000 (5 yrs)

Shahrrava, B., Electrical & Computer Engineering, “Iterative Receivers for LTE and WiMAX with Imperfect Synchronization,” $120,000 (5 yrs)

Oriet, L., Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering, “Fuel Efficiency Improvements for Long Haul Commercial Truck Tractors,” $115,000 (5 yrs)

Urbanic, J., Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering, “Expanding the Additive Manufacturing Process Paradigm through the Investigation of Novel Product Design and Process Planning Techniques,” $115,000 (5 yrs)

Paul, S., Mathematics & Statistics, “GLM, GLMM, GEE for Correlated Discrete Data with Over-Dispersion, Zero-Inflation, Measurement Error and Misspecification,” $95,000 (5 yrs)

Yang, D., Mathematics & Statistics, “Higher Rank Graoh Algebras, Multivariate Operator Theory, Free Semigroup Algebras and Functional,” $55,000 (5 yrs)

Yee, L. Y., Mathematics & Statistics, “Unitary Representations and Generalized Harish-Chandra Modules,” $39,000 (3 yrs)

Alpas, A., Mechanical, Automotive & Materials Engineering, “Microstructural Aspects of Electrode Material Degradation Mechanisms in Li-on Batteries,” $220,000 (5 yrs)

Fartaj, S.A., Mechanical, Automotive & Materials Engineering, “Next Generation Environmentally Sustainable Refrigeration System,” $115,000 (5 yrs)

Sobiesak, A., Mechanical, Automotive & Materials Engineering, “Achieving Clean Non-Premixed Combustion through Hydrogen Addition,” $115,000 (5 yrs)

Zheng, M., Mechanical, Automotive & Materials Engineering, “Criterion Studies on Low Temperature Combustion in High Compression,” $160,000 (5 yrs)

Kedzierski, W., “Photon and Electron Interaction with Atoms & Molecules,” $105,000 (5 yrs)


NSERC Discovery Accelerator Supplements (DAS)

Johnson, S, Chemistry & Biochemistry, “Base-Metal Complexes for Challenging Organometallic Transformations,” $120,000 (3 yrs)

Loeb, S, Chemistry & Biochemistry, “Incorporating Mechanically Interlocked Molecules into Solid State Materials,”  $120,000 (3 yrs)