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NSERC Discovery Grants 2012

Crawford, M, Biological Sciences, “Role of Pitx3 Signaling Cascades in the Regulation of Xenopus Eye, Laterality, and Somite Development,” $130,000 (5 yrs)

Cristescu, E, Biological Sciences, “Environmental Stressors and the Mutation Process,” $165,000 (5 yrs)

Doucet, S, Biological Sciences, “Mechanisms, Function, and Development of Avian Visual Signals,” $130,000 (5 yrs)

Haffner, D, Biological Sciences, “Using a Non-Steady State Bioaccumulation Model to Investigate Bioenergetic Processes in Aquatic Food Webs,” $165,000 (5 yrs)

Pitcher, T, Biological Sciences, “Pre-and Post-Spawning Sexual Selection in Fishes: Proximate and Ultimate Explanations of Variation in Reproductive Fitness,” $165,000 (5 yrs)

Swan, A, Biological Sciences, “Spatial and Temporal Control of the Meiotic Cell Cycle,” $130,000 (5 yrs)

Li, W, Business, “Exploring Corporate Social Responsibility in Supply Chain Management,” $95,000 (5 yrs)

Aroca, R, Chemistry & Biochemistry, “Plasmonics and Ultrasensitive Detection,” $140,000 (2 yrs)

Carmichael, T, Chemistry & Biochemistry, “Control of Surface Morphology using Chemical-Mechanical Polishing and its Influence on Self Assembled Monolayers and Molecular Electronic Devices,” $175,000 (5 yrs)

Carrieveau, R, Civil & Environmental Engineering, “A Revenue Optimizing Commercial Wind Turbine,” $105,000 (5 yrs)

Boufama, B, Computer Science, “Semantic Structure form Uncalibrated Images,” $70,000 (5 yrs)

Yuan, X, Computer Science, “A Study of Collaborative Planning and its Application in Software Customization,” $70,000 (5 yrs)

Al-Aasm, I, Earth & Environmental Sciences, “Pore Fluid Evolution in Sedimentary Basins,” $135,000 (5 yrs)

Fisk, A, Earth & Environmental Sciences, “Quantifying Trophic Relationships and Habitat use in Freshwater Ecosystems,” $26,000 (1 yr)

Chen, C, Electrical & Computer Engineering, “Towards Ultra-Low Pressure Digital Design with Single-Electron Tunneling Technology,” $90,000 (5 yrs)

Rashidzadeh, R, Engineering, “Design for Test Techniques for System-On-Chip Devices,” $90,000 (5 yrs)

Saif, M, Engineering, “Fundamentals and Applications of Health Monitoring, Diagnostics, and Self-Healing in Complex and Networked Engineering Systems,” $125,000 (5 yrs)

Andrews, D, Kinesiology, “Soft and Rigid Effects on Shock Propagation,” $135,000 (5 yrs)

Ting, D, MAME, “Flow Turbulence and Renewable Energy,” $100,000 (5 yrs)

Hui, Z, Mathematics & Statistics, “Banach Algebras Associated with Locally Compact Groups and Quantum Groups,” $105,000 (5 yrs)

Hussein, A, Mathematics & Statistics, “Group Sequential Procedures Based on Ranked Set Sampling, Sequential Change-point, and Shrinkage Estimation in Correlated Data,” $60,000 (5 yrs)

Rehse, S, Physics, “Spectroscopy of Laser-Induced Plasmas: An Interdisciplinary Research Program for the 21st Century,” $160,000 (5 yrs)

Scoboria, A, Psychology, “Dissociating Belief in Occurrence, Recollection, and Confidence in Recall within Autobiographical Memory: Conceptual Refinement and Experimental Manipulation,” $135,000 (5 yrs)