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NSERC Discovery Grants 2011


Ahmed, S, Mathematics & Statistics, “Model selection, interference strategies and their applications,” $140,000; 

Ananvoranich, S, Chemistry & Biochemistry, “Molecular Mechanism of Toxoplasma gondii differentiation,” $200,000; 

Aneja, Y, Business, “Certain Optimization Problems in Networks,” $95,000; 

Arts, M, GLIER, “Biochemical Tracers in Freshwater Ecosystem,” $26,000; 

Azab Ismail, A, IMSE, “Integrated Process Design for Varying Products & Changeable Manufacturing,” $100,000; 

Barron, R, Mathematics & Statistics, “A Unified Finite Difference Formulation for Multiphysics Simulations on Arbitrary Meshes,” $100,000; 

Biswas, N, Civil & Environmental Engineering, “Treatment of Industrial Wastewater,” $225,000; 

Cheng, S, Civil & Environmental Engineering, “Mechanisms and Mitigations of Bridge Stay Cable Vibrations,” $95,000; 

Das, S, Civil & Environmental Engineering, “Integrity of Steel Pipes with Wrinkle and Surface Defects,” $95,000; 

Drake, G, Physics, “Theory of atomic processes and interactions,” $345,000; 

Drouillard, K, Biological Sciences, “Use of globally dispersed chemical tracers to measure in situ bioenergetic stress in fish and aquatic organisms,” $190,000; 

ElMaraghy, H, IMSE, “Enabling Manufacturing Competitiveness and Economic Sustainability,” $245,000; 

ElMaraghy, W, IMSE, “Managing Complexity in Product Development,” $135,000; 

Ezeife C, Computer Science, “Mining Informative Patterns from the Web, Object-oriented and Multiple Data Sources,” $100,000; 

Green, J, Chemistry & Biochemistry, “Metal Mediated and Catalyzed Organic Synthetic Methods,” $175,000; 

Guo, X, Business, “Road Pricing with Boundedly Rational Road Users and Disequilibrium impacts,” $100,000; 

Maoh, H, Civil & Environmental Engineering, “Developing integrated microsimulation models for intra-urban, inter-regional and cross-border freight transportation: an application to Ontario, Canada” $95,000; 

Mutus, B, Chemistry & Biochemistry, “Redox signaling in vascular cells,” $200,000; 

Ngom, A, Computer Science, “High-order/variable-order dynamic Bayesian networks and dynamic qualitative probabilistic networks --- new models of gene regulatory networks,” $70,000; 

Northwood, D, MAME, “Materials Development for Improved Durability and Performance,” $125,000; 

Rangan, C, Physics, “Theory of quantum control of atoms near plasmonic nanostructures,” $140,000; 

Samson, Iain, Earth & Environmental Sciences, “Mobility, concentration and fractionation of metals in ore-forming systems,” $110,000; 

Schurko, R, Chemistry & Biochemistry, “Solid-State NMR of Unreceptive Nuclei,” $350,000;

Shapiro, I, Mathematics & Statistics, “Algebra, Geometry and applications,” $55,000; 

Sodan, A, Computer Science, “Time-and-Space Adaptive Parallel Job Scheduling for HPC Servers, Grids and Clouds,” $120,000; 

Tepe, K, Electrical & Computer Engineering, “Cross Layer Design and Wireless Ad Hoc, Sensor, and Vehicular Ad Hoc Network Protocols,” $140,000; 

Weisener, C, GLIER, “Contaminant stress on ecosystems: investigating microbial redox transformations of metal(loids) and novel tracers,” $110,000; 

Zhang, H, Biological Sciences, “Neural Processing of Novel Sounds,” $120,000.

NSERC Discovery Accelerator Supplement

Schurko, R, Chemistry & Biochemistry, “Solid-State NMR of Unreceptive Nuclei,” $120,000.