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Non-Disclosure Agreements


Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

An NDA is an agreement that sets out the ways in which your confidential information can be used by the person or organization you’re providing it to (and the kind of protection that it should receive). NDAs generally provide that the information may only be used for a specific purpose and must not be disclosed to any other persons or organizations. Often a designated representative to be responsible for disclosure and receipt of the information will be appointed.

The Office of Research and Innovation Services can assist you in the preparation of an NDA.  Please contact Vesna Kaps, Contract/Technology Transfer Manager (extension 3922) and she will assist you in completing an NDA and with communication with any other parties involved.  The Office of Research and Innnovation Services can also review NDAs from third parties to make sure that the terms are appropriate in the circumstances and do not restrict your ability to publish or conduct research. Please contact Vesna Kaps ( in the Office of Research Services and provide her with a copy of the NDA.   She will review the NDA and work with you and your industry contact to finalize the agreement.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

One-Way NDA                 Mutual NDA