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Idea to Innovation


  • Application deadline: September 30, 2013
  • The objective is to accelerate the pre-competitive development of promising technology and promote its transfer to Canadian companies
  • The cost of Technology Transfer Activities (including marker studies, consulting fees, patenting expenses, expenses associated with creating a partnership) is shared equally between the institution and NSERC (NSERC will support up to a maximum of 10% of the total award)

Funding for four stages is available:

1. Market assessment:

  • Market study on a product, process or technology to be developed
  • 12 month funding for a maximum of $15,000
  • The institution must provide ¼ of the total cost

2. Phase I- Reduction-to-practice stage

  • Advancing promising scientific concepts or technologies to attract early stage   investment or build intellectual property in anticipation of transferring the technology to the company
  • Funding is available for up to 12 months for a total of $125,000 (100% NSERC contribution)

3. Phase IIa-Early-stage investment partner

  • Proposal must have a decision point (“go/no-go”) after 6 to 18 months, representing the achievement of scientific or engineering milestone
  • NSERC supports 2/3 of the cost for a total of $125,000 per year
  • Early-stage investor must provide 1/3 of the cost

4.  Phase IIb- Partnership with Canadian company

  • Project to be completed within 2 years for a total project cost of $350,000 over the duration of the project
  • NSERC will support up to half of the cost with the company providing cash and in-kind support for the other half
  • The company must have the technical ability to undertake any further development necessary to take the product to the market

Website:  Idea to Innovation

ORS Contact:  Inga Sliskovic,, 519-253-3000, ext. 3918