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Humanities & Social Sciences Research Grants (HSSRG) 2012


Carter, I, Social Work, “Exploring Experiences of Social Work and Disability in Schools of Social Work in the UK,” $5000

Cook, D, Philosophy, “Adorno and Foucault: From Critical Theory to Poststructuralism,” $4,400

Daniel, Y, Education, “Cross Cultural Understanding in Critical Pedagogy: Teaching for Critical Thinking to Promote Advocacy and Human Rights,” $5,000

Darroch, M, Visual Arts, “Downtown Transitions: The Cultural Ecologies of the Armouries/Bus Station: New Methodologies for Mapping Collective Public Space in Windsor,” $5,000

Hundleby, C, Philosophy, “Empirical Evidence for Fallacies,” $3,720

Levin, D, Social Work, “Messages and Experiences of Sexuality and Gender in Israel- Transcribing and Translating Qualitative Interviews,” $5,000

Miller, C, Psychology, “Kindergarten Teacher Knowledge of and Opinions about ADHD,” $5,000

Sutherland, C, Kinesiology, “A 12-week program to evaluate the changes in self-efficacy for sport participation and activities of daily living in individuals with autism and intellectual disabilities,” $5,000

Zhang, Z, Education, “The Integration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Learning: An Investigation of Some Southwestern Ontario Schools,” $5,000