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HSSRG Grants 2011


Abeare Christopher, Psychology, “Emotion Processing in Alexithyia,” $5,000 

Coyle, James, Social Work, “Resilience in Siblings of Children with Autism,” $5,000 

Essex, Jamey, Political Science, “Between development and security: Aid interventions in urban settings,” $5,000 

Jackson, Dennis, Psychology, “Power and the Swain correction for sample size in confirmatory factor analysis,” $5,000 

Kvarfordt, Connie, Social Work, “The Role of Religion and Spirituality in Working with Children and Adolescents:  A Multicultural Comparison of Child and Youth Workers in Canada, United States and South Africa,” $5,000 

Lippert, Randy, Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology, “Police 'Moonlighting': Examining Contemporary Policy and Practice in Toronto and Detroit,” $5,000 

Walker, Kent, Business, “Identifying successful and unsuccessful archetypes of corporate environmental performance:   A configurational approach using case meta-analysis,” $5,000 

Warren, Bernie, Dramatic Art, “Songs of our Lives:  the use of significant songs as stimuli for the telling of life story,” $5,000.