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How to Submit Grants/Contracts and Obtain Institutional Signature

How to Submit Grants/Contracts and Obtain Institutional Signature:

ORIS Deadline
The ORIS deadline is five (5) business days before the agency deadline. Five working days provides ORIS with enough time to review the application package and return it to the researcher in the event that any changes are required before the submission.

Depending on the sponsor's guidelines, electronic submissions are submitted by either:
           • the researcher; or
           • ORS.
In both instances, researchers must submit a hard copy of the application with all appropriate signatures to ORIS five (5) business days before the sponsor deadline.

For researcher-submitted e-submissions, ORS will review the signed, hard copy of the application. Once the review is complete, including any changes requested by ORIS, ORIS will retain the original, signed copy and return a photocopy to the researcher. Only after ORS has returned a signed copy of the application should the researcher submit the electronic application to the sponsor.

For ORIS-submitted e-submissions, ORIS will complete a review and request any necessary changes to the application. ORS will submit the application to the sponsor, retain the original, signed copy and return a photocopy to the researcher.

1. All applications, grants, contracts, proposals (“proposal documents”) must have the appropriate ORIS Applicantion Information Sheet and Checklist Form attached to the application. If the proposal document includes any cash or in-kind contributions it must be documented in writing by the contributing party and submitted with the proposal document.
2. Completed proposal documents and ORIS forms must be signed by the principal investigator, his or her Head, if applicable, and his or her Dean.
3. Submit the original proposal document with ORIS form to Research and Innovation Services, which will issue or obtain University authorization according to the nature and scope of the proposal.
4. For the purposes of proposal documents, signing authority rests with the University rather than the Investigator, the Chair or the Dean. Authority has been delegated to the Vice-President, Research and Innovation.
5. Any research activity involving the use of vertebrate animals, biohazards, radioisotopes, humans or controlled goods must be approved by the appropriate certification committee prior to commencing any work under approved proposal documents as research funds will not be released to the Principal Investigator until such certifications are obtained.
6. The responsibility for submission of hard copies of proposal documents to the agency/sponsor rests with the Principal Investigator with the exception of institutional proposal documents (e.g. CFI, CRC, ERAs) which will be submitted by ORIS.