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Contract Research

The University of Windsor encourages and supports research under a full spectrum of scenarios, ranging from fundamental, curiosity-driven research to technical service agreements, where know-how and focused expertise are brought to bear on specific sets of problems. The University of Windsor is committed to entering into contracts that embody principles of fairness, accountability, open disclosure of research results, and research carried out with the highest possible standards.

ORIS coordinates all research agreements, including:

  • research contracts
  • industrial grants
  • research service agreements
  • Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) agreements
  • NSERC and CIHR University-Industry programs
  • Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) agreements
  • master agreements
  • memoranda of understanding

material transfer agreements

University of Windsor researchers likely have already established relationships with external parties—business or industry—and may have identified a research project with goals and objectives upon which both have agreed. ORIS helps with many elements of this agreement and makes sure that the interests of both the researcher and the University are protected. The sooner ORS is involved in the negotiations, the better.

The key components include:

  • intellectual property rights
  • publication rights
  • overhead (indirect cost recovery)
  • insurance/risk management issues, and
  • use of graduate students, financial obligations (yours and the sponsor’s)

ORIS assists researchers through the process of obtaining proper approvals. For details, researchers can contact Vesna Kaps at extension 3922 in the Office of Research Services.

The standard research agreement is available from link below. All agreements are between the sponsor and UWindsor, not the individual researcher.

Research Agreement 2016

Intellectual Policy - General

IP Policy - Collective Agreement

Research Overhead Policy