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Cheques Sent Drectly to Researchers and Unsolicited Funding

Cheques Sent Directly to Researchers

Occasionally sponsors remit payments directly to the researcher or the researcher's department. Researchers or administrators who receive such a payment should forward it to the Office of Research and Innovation Services so that it may be forwarded to Research Finance.

Include the following information:
• the researcher's name
• the title of the project
• any other identifying information to help match the cheque to the project
• if it is a new project to be set up please follow the procedures outlined in Authorizing and Setting Up Projects

Unsolicited Funding

Sometimes, researchers get funding "with no strings attached." If this happen, you still need to let ORIS know so we can obtain the necessary information/documentation from you to set up your project.

Special cases

If you receive money to supplement an existing, ongoing project, send the cheque to:
Financial Services
Research Accounts Receivable