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Dillon Hall
Dillon Hall

Retention Initiatives

The Office of Faculty Recruitment and Retention provides support and assistance to academics with various needs related to their new position.  Support provided includes but is not restricted to the questions and concerns relating to:

  • Office Setup
  • Residential Setup
  • Parking
  • Finding a Physician
  • Dual-career Hiring
  • Problem Resolutions

Socializing with Colleagues

Social events such as luncheons are organized throughout the year with new faculty, librarians and ancillary academic staff.  The purpose of these luncheons is to get to know the new hires better and to identify issues with recruitment and first experiences at the University of Windsor.  These frank compliments and criticisms have proven to be helpful to our planning.  This feedback will help to better facilitate new academics meeting others in the university community, for both social and professional purposes.

Dual-career Hiring

Dual-career spousal/partner issues which relate to both recruitment and retention are probably the major challenge confronting the Canadian universities.

The University of Windsor does not have an official "Dual-career Hiring Policy".   However, the Office of Faculty Recruitment and Retention (OFRR) will assist the new faculty with any needs and will provide as much assistance as possible to direct them on how to find employment for their spouses or partners.   

This assistance can begin long before arrival to Windsor.  Please contact the OFRR and submit a resume/CV for your spouse or partner with a description of their credentials and preferences.   The services provided by the OFRR are limited, however, we endeavour to assist you as much as possible by introducing you to a network of community contacts. 


  • Promotion to Full Professor