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Curriculum Design Support

The CTL offers one-on-one consultations with individual instructors, and meetings with departments and faculties interested in program and course design.

Instructors are invited to participate in CTL workshops and events that focus on writing learning outcomes and linking learning outcomes and assessment practices. These events are open to the entire academic community. Upcoming workshops and events can be found on the CTL Registration page. At the departmental and faculty level, the CTL co-facilitates faculty retreats centred on curriculum design and learning outcomes. These retreats are known to be an excellent opportunity for faculty to exchange ideas and provide critical feedback on discipline-based research on teaching and learning.

The CTL also offers a credit course on curriculum design. Course Design for Constructive Alignment introduces participants to the principles and practice of effective course design by actively involving them in course creation. The course is of particular interest to instructors, teaching assistants, and future members of the professoriate. For a complete course description and registration details, visit CTL Courses.

The following resources on course design are available at the Leddy Library and the CTL Resource Library.

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For more information, contact Erika Kustra by email at or by phone at 519-253-3000, ext. 4842.