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Videoconference Checklist

Please review the following steps to help ensure your videoconference is a success.

  1. Consider available facilities. You can view available rooms online. There are pictures, descriptions, and capabilities listed for each videoconference room on campus. Availability will vary, so reviewing your options is an important consideration.
  2. Consider budgeting and costs.. There may be costs associated with your classroom or meeting requirements and for use and support of the technology. Costs may vary depending on the time and the room location of your videoconference. Please ensure that you have Dean, Department Head, Manager, or other approvals, and an account number that can be used for billing (if applicable).
  3. Consider including the University of Windsor Videoconferencing Bridge in your call. A bridged call has certain features that can automatically make your experience even better. There are also advantages in how the technology in the room you choose will be supported.
  4. Reserve a date and time. Please refer to the videoconference booking system for available dates and rooms. All rooms with videoconferencing require an entry in the booking system. This helps avoid conflicts with other users in different rooms. Booking is required at least three working days in advance to permit tests and proper set-up.
  5. Exercise proper videoconference etiquette. Following some simple considerations will help others meeting with you at another site also experience success in your videoconference.
  6. Prepare a backup plan in case some unforeseen issue impacts on your videoconference. Typically an audio conference would be used if the videoconference fails. The plan would involve ensuring all sites have copies of the material to be covered and that all sites are equipped with audio-conference capable phones. A plan for connecting the alternate technology should also be known to all sites.