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Support and Contact Information

For support with booking a conference, please contact
Media Coordinator
ext. 3044

Please note that primary support for some individual department rooms is handled by the person listed under "contact for room".

Video conference technical support including pretesting is handled by:

Mike Ritzer ext. 4438
Video Conference Support Specialist/ITS
(campus-wide videoconferencing support)

Jonathan Sinasac ext. 3061
Video Conference and Multimedia Engineering Specialist/CTL
(campus-wide videoconferencing support)

Drew Foley ext. 4304
Audio-Visual Technician/CTL
(only for videoconferencing support related to the Medical School)

Randy Laframboise ext. 4700
Network & Systems Specialist/CSCI
(only for videoconferencing support which involves research network providers outside the University (e.g. ORION, CANet, or e-Health)