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Recognition of Service to the University

Today’s event celebrates those who contribute in diverse and exciting ways to the University’s commitment to teaching and learning. In addition to those we celebrate for their successes in enhancing learning, and in many areas of scholarship and research that help us innovate in how we engage students in the full university experience, we also must recognize the many areas of service that contribute to the groundwork on which learning and quality can thrive. Faculty members, staff, and students all contribute service to the University, and their contributions are numerous and varied. Over the course of this and future celebrations of teaching and research excellence, we will recognize these efforts.

Today, we wish to acknowledge the efforts of the following people for their roles as equity assessors and on the following committees in 2011-12:

  • University Committee on Academic Promotion and Tenure (UCAPT) Senate
  • Academic Policy Committee
  • Program Development Committee
  • Student Committee
  • Senate Steering Committee
  • Judicial Panels Discipline Appeal Committee

Equity Assessors
Equity assessors monitor and ensure that committees follow all procedures in fairness and equity. Equity assessors are required on a wide variety of campus committees.

Dr. Andrew Allen Dr. Kara Smith
Dr. Andrew Templer Dr. Kirsten Poling
Dr. Anna Lanoszka Dr. Lana Lee
Ms. Annette Demers Prof. Lucia Yiu
Dr. Arunita Jaekel Dr. Lynda Corkum
Dr. Benedicta Egbo Mr. Peter Lukasewych
Dr. Christie Ezeife Mr. Peter Zimmerman
Dr. Christine Thrasher Dr. Philip Adamson
Dr. Clinton Beckford Dr. Pierre Boulos
Dr. Debbie Kane Dr. Shelagh Towson
Dr. Dennis Higgs Ms. Shuzhen Zhao
Dr. Elizabeth Starr Dr. Sudhir Paul
Dr. Francisca Omorodion Dr. Tanya Basok
Dr. Geri Salinitri Dr. Tom Najem
Dr. Janice Drakich Dr. Vlad Bajic
Dr. Jessica Chen Dr. Yvette Daniel


Dr. Jeffrey Kantor 2010-2011
Dr. Jens Hanson 2010-2011; 2011-2012
Dr. Kai Hildebrandt 2011-2012
Dr. Lois Smedick 2010-2011; 2011-2012
Dr. Mary Louise Drake 2011-2012
Dr. Mike Weis 2010-2011; 2011-2012

University Committee on Academic Promotion and Tenure (UCAPT) 2011-2012
The primary responsibility of UCAPT is to review all recommendations made by the various AAU. Committees on Promotion and Tenure regarding promotion, tenure, or contract renewal as specified in Bylaws 23A and 23B, to ensure that established criteria for promotion and/or tenure have been satisfied, and the appropriate procedures followed.

Dr. Bruce Tucker Dr. Glenn Rideout
Dr. Patricia Weir Dr. Jerome Cohen
Dr. Mehrdad Saif Prof. Brenda Francis Pelkey
Dr. Marlys Koschinsky Dr. Todd Loughead
Dr. Allan Conway Ms. Elizabeth Long (OPUS)
Prof. Camille Cameron Mr. Ahmed Abou Gharam (GSS)
Dr. Debbie Kane Mr. Andre Capaldi (UWSA)

Senate 2011-12
Senate is responsible for the oversight of academic matters at the University of Windsor.

Dr. Alan Wildeman Dr. Cecil Houston
Dr. Leo Groarke Dr. Marlys Koschinsky
Mr. Gregory Marcotte Dr. Patricia Weir
Dr. Clayton Smith Dr. Allan Conway
Dr. Martha Lee Dr. Dietmar Lage
Dr. Mehrdad Saif Dr. Ranjana Bird
Dr. Michael Khan Dr. Philip Dutton
Prof. Camille Cameron Dr. Robert Arnold
Dr. Linda Patrick Dr. Lori Buchanan
Rev. Dr. Paul Rennick Dr. Leslie Howsam
Rev. Dr. BoJeong Kim Dr. Victor Sevillano
Dr. Gordon Drake Dr. Brent Lee
Ms. Gwendolyn Ebbett Dr. Pamela Milne
Mr. Andre Capaldi, President (UWSA) Dr. Katherine Quinsey
Mr. Ahmed Abou Gharam, President (GSS) Dr. Brent Angell
Dr. Edward King, President (OPUS) Dr. Irene Carter
Dr. Bruce Tucker Dr. J. Deukmedjian
Dr. Robert Weaver Dr. A. Lanoszka
Dr. Esaignani Selvarajah Dr. Radu Neculau
Dr. Jang. Singh Dr. Derek Northwood
Dr. George Lan Ms. Jennifer Soutter
Dr. Chike Okechuku Dr. Shelagh Towson
Dr. Kara Smith Prof. Lionel Walsh
Dr. Beth Daly Dr. James Winter
Dr. Paul Henshaw Mr. Marty Lowman
Dr. Edwin Tam Dr. Pierre Boulos
Dr. Rajesh Seth Mr. Tory James
Dr. Nader Zamani Ms. Marilyn Farough
Dr. Kevin Milne Dr. Martin Girash
Dr. Marijke Taks Mr. H. Elsayed, UWSA
Prof. Larry Wilson Mr. Bashar Jameel, UWSA
Dr. Dale Rajacich Mr. Hasaan Chaudhry, UWSA
Dr. Arunita Jaekel Mr. Omar Zghal, UWSA
Dr. Charles Macdonald Ms. Krystal Chan UWSA
Dr. Michael Weis Mr. Kannappan Thiagarajan GSS
Dr. Roman Maev Mr. T. Suppon, GSS
Dr. Richard Caron Mr. Vajo Stajic, OPUS
Dr. Joel Gagnon Mr. I. Clough, OPUS
Dr. Sang-Chul Suh Ms. Kim Orr (UWSA)
Ms. Sharon Munro Ms. Mary Schisler
Ms. Shuzhen Zhao  

Standing Sub-committees of Senate
Academic Policy Committee 2011-12
The Academic Policy Committee is responsible for making recommendations to Senate with respect to admissions and enrolment management, budget review, computing resources, teaching and learning, instructional development, library, and promotion and tenure standards development.

Dr. Bruce Tucker Dr. Lorna de Witt
Dr. Alan Wildeman Dr. Cyril Rodrigues
Mr. Steven Willetts Dr. Katherine Quinsey
Dr. Alan Wright Dr. Amy Fitzgerald
Dr. Martha Reavley Ms. Shuzhen Zhao
Dr. Geri Salinitri Mr. Omar Zghal (UWSA)
Dr. Marcello Guarini Ms. Kim Orr (UWSA)
Dr. Derek Northwood Mr. Tareq Muhammad Supon (GSS)
Prof. Larry Wilson Dr. Ed King (OPUS)
Dr. Vicky Paraschak  

Program Development Committee 2011-2012
The Program Development Committee is responsible for making recommendations to Senate with respect to program and curriculum development and approval of the university calendars.

Dr. Leo Groarke Dr. Philip Dutton
Dr. Alan Wildeman Dr. Ejaz Ahmed
Dr. Patricia Weir Dr. Tanja Collett-Najem
Dr. Alan Wright Prof. Lionel Walsh
Dr. Chike Okechuku (S-2013) Dr. Brent Angell (S-2013)
Dr. Kara Smith (S-2012) Ms. Gwen Ebbett
Dr. Ram Balachandar Mr. Bashar Jameel (UWSA)
Dr. Krista Chandler Mr. Hasaan Chaudhry(UWSA)
Prof. Reem Bahdi Mr. Tareq Muhammad Supon (GSS)
Dr. Jamie Crawley Mr. Abduldakir Omar (OPUS)

Student Committee 2011-12
The Student Committee makes recommendations to Senate with regard to learning and teaching, recruitment and retention, continuing education, student affairs, student awards, and financial aid.

Dr. Alan Wildeman Dr. Ziad Kobti
Ms. Brooke White Dr. Brent Lee
Dr. Talal Al-Hayale Dr. Irene Carter
Dr. Geri Salinitri Ms. Tamsin Bolton
Dr. Paul Henshaw Ms. Hagar Elsayed (UWSA)
Dr. Edwin Tam Ms. Krystal Chan (UWSA)
Prof. Larry Wilson Mr. Kannappan Thiagarajan (GSS)
Dr. Scott Martyn Mr. Vajo Stajic (OPUS)
Prof. Lucia Yiu Florida Doci (International)

Senate Steering Committee 2011-12
The Senate Steering Committee establishes the agenda for Senate meetings, advises Senate on university governance matters, and recommends Senate candidates to serve on Senate Committees.

Dr. Clayton Smith Prof. Myra Tawfik
Dr. Alan Wildeman Dr. Kevin Milne
Dr. Leo Groarke Dr. Linda Patrick
Dr. Allan Conway Dr. Rick Caron
Dr. Beth Daly Dr. Brent Angell
Dr. Nader Zamani Dr. Dietmar Lage
Prof. Camille Cameron Dr. Anna Lanoszka
Ms. Gwen Ebbett Mr. Kannappan Thiagarajan (GSS)
Ms. Krystal Chan (UWSA) Dr. Ed King (OPUS)
Mr. Andre Capaldi (UWSA)  

Judicial Panels 2011-12
Judicial panels adjudicate cases of academic and non-academic misconduct at the University.

Dr. Brian Etherington Mr. Anthony Meloche
Dr. Lydia Miljan Dr. Emir Crowne
Mr. Tapas Biswas Dr. Anne Forrest
Professor Leigh West Ms. Kim Orr
Dr. Tanya Basok  
Alternate: Dr. Roy Amore; Student Alternates: Ms. Stephanie Saad; Mr. Kannappan Thiagarajan

Student Affairs Judicial Panel
The Student Affairs Judicial Panel is composed of one faculty member (chair), one staff member, and one student member. The membership of Student Affairs Judicial Panels is the membership of Judicial Panels with a staff member appointed in place of the faculty member.

Mrs. Brooke White  
Mr. Enrique Chacon  
Mr. Russell Nahdee  

Discipline Appeal Committee 2011-12
The Discipline Appeal Committee hears appeals from the Judicial Panels concerning cases of academic and non-academic misconduct at the University.

Professor David Tanovich
Mr. Ronnie Haider (UWSA)
Dr. Margery Holman
Faculty Alternate: Dr. Christopher Tindale
Student Alternates: Mr. Ifekhar Ibne Basith; Dr. Ed King