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Neil Fleming

Neil D. Fleming (Lincoln University, New Zealand) has taught in universities, teacher education centers, and high schools. Before working in faculty development at Lincoln University, he was a senior inspector for over 100 high schools in the South Island of New Zealand. Neil has embarked on a series of workshop tours in the USA, UK and the Caribbean and has completed twelve tours. As a scholar with an international perspective, his writing can be found in key faculty development journals in Britain, North America, and Australasia. His most recent contribution was a chapter on Biases in Grading for a UK-publication, Assessment Matters, edited by Sally Brown. Fleming is best known for the VARK (Visual, Aural, Read/write and Kinesthetic) questionnaire, designed to provide users with a profile of their learning preferences, and alert people to the variety of approaches to learning. The VARK website hosts over 2,000 people each week, who complete the online questionnaire, and a much larger number, who visit and use the online resources. It is this work that has seen Fleming invited to present workshops in a number of venues worldwide, including the University of Windsor during the Winter 2007 semester.

In the following clips, Fleming sits with Alan Wright to discuss learning strategies as well as VARK’s impact on learning outcomes.

Neil Fleming What is VARK?

The origins of VARK.

Describe the different learners VARK identifies.

What is a Multi-Modal Learner?

How can teachers and students use VARK?

Is VARK a learning style?

What is the link between VARK and Communications?

How has VARK been accepted at the University of Windsor?