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Checking Clicker Functionality

Using a Scrolling Participant Grid for Students to Check Clicker Functionality

If you would like to provide an opportunity for students to check and see if their clicker device is working, then the method below might help for those who have a large class.

These options (when embedded into the settings of your presentation) will display a rotating grid where the student names will appear or disappear from the grid as it cycles through the class list. The student can watch to see that their clicker is functioning as they will look for their name to display or disappear after they have responded to the icebreaker question. You have to remember however, to select the F7 or F8 from the showbar for the icebreaker slide to display the response grid when running your presentation!

Steps to Prepare Scrolling Grid Within a Presentation (PC version of Turning Point 4.3.2)

  1. Create a simple icebreaker slide (e.g. Word Scramble).
  2. Select Tools -> Settings, and then highlight 'Presentation' (in the left column) and click on 'All settings' (bottom right corner).
  3. Scroll down to Response/Non-Response Grid Settings (in right column) and make the appropriate changes to the 'Auto Size Grid', 'Display Device IDs', 'Display Participant Names', Grid Position', 'Grid Rotation Interval', and 'Grid Size' as seen in the image below:. Note: the sizes specified may work well for the classroom in Erie Hall 1120 to run the Word Scramble slide, however, some of these values may need to be adjusted depending on an instructor's preferences and the computer that is used.
  4. During presentation, display icebreaker slide then click on F7 or F8 to display the response grid.

Response/Non-Response Grid Settings