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CLEW at the University of Windsor

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CLEW (Collaboration and Learning Environment Windsor) is the University of Windsor's learning management and collaboration system.

CLEW is used to support teaching and learning in face-to-face courses, distance education courses, and courses that are a blend of the two. Using CLEW, instructors can:

  • post lecture notes or PowerPoint presentations on-line
  • make class announcements
  • guide learning through on-line lessons
  • facilitate group work in discussion forums
  • accept assignments on-line and provide confidential feedback
  • post secure confidential grades

CLEW is also designed to support research and collaboration efforts. CLEW may be used to facilitate ad hoc collaboration, to administer a study, to collaborate on a grant, or to run a study group between individuals within one or several institutions.

CLEW 2.9.2 Update

The University’s learning management system, Collaboration and Learning Environment Windsor (CLEW), will upgrade to version 2.9.2 at the end of August, just in time for the upcoming Fall semester.

Many exciting changes contained within the upgrade include:

  • a new look with an automated first-use tour and easier drop-down site tool navigation;
  • better Resources functionality to enable several selected resources to be removed, hidden, shown, copied, or moved all at once;
  • My Active Sites found on My Workspace has now been renamed to More Sites to be more intuitive to users, which will help students find their course sites faster;
  • the new 100-percent grade scale in Gradebook which is found on the Course Grades screen, with functionality (set by default) to round up to the next .5 point providing whole numbers for final grades;
  • Quizzes & Tests will be upgraded to Quizzes and Test II, allowing instructors to create their own assessments;
  • a social media Profile tool that will enable social connectivity online. The privacy settings will be set to "Only me" by default so you can choose who can see various options;
  • an improved Email tool where users can select customized individuals, roles, or groups; and
  • an improved text editor for better efficiency and usability when pasting text from word processors, and compatibility with mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and PDAs.

For more information about the CLEW 2.9.2 upgrade, updates, and the many new features available, please visit

If you have any questions about CLEW or the transition to Blackboard Learn, please feel welcome to contact the Helpdesk at or ext. 4440.


The CLEW Help is an online wiki where you can search for specific terms, hyperlink to other relevant articles, review frequently asked questions, print instructional documentation, link to a summary of the most popular pages, and review topics connected through various categories.

CLEW and Sakai

CLEW is part of a global network of educators using open-source software called Sakai, otherwise known as a Collaboration and Learning Environment (CLE). Sakai can be used beyond the classroom as free, open-source software, which offers the ultimate in flexibility, avoids the risks of vendor lock-in and escalating license costs, and can be customized. Also, institutions can join the Sakai environment with other well-known partners like Stanford, Indiana, Yale, Berkeley, Oxford, Cambridge, and the list goes on! The University of Windsor is one of the first Canadian partners in the Sakai team.