Theory and Practice of Scholarly Teaching

By completing a certificate in Theory and Practice of Scholarly Teaching you will broaden and deepen your cognitive, performative and affective knowledge of scholarly teaching in the systematic, active and scholarly manner to which you became accustomed when you completed the first certificate in the UTC Program. 

This is your opportunity to intentionally build your identity and repertoire as a scholarly teacher of your discipline, reinforce and apply techniques you have learned, and explore the beliefs and values that make you unique and effective.  With the support of your mentors, instructors and colleagues, you will develop as a scholarly teacher engaged in evidence-based, theoretically-informed pedagogy, course-design and assessment.  Like Fundamentals of University Teaching, this certificate level is academic in its scholarly basis, emphasis on critical reflection, and rigorous assessment -- yet designed to be immediately flexible, adaptive, and practical, encouraging academics to apply what they are presently learning to their work as teachers as they are completing the program.

To receive the Theory and Practice of Scholarly Teaching certificate, you must successfully complete the two credit courses and half course, and one from the set of half courses listed below:

Credit Courses and Half Course

Half Courses