GA/TA and Grad Students

GatacademyGATAcademy is a full-day professional development event open to all current and prospective UWindsor graduate assistants (GAs) and teaching assistants (TAs).

Offering a series of interactive workshops led by experienced professionals from across the campus, GATAcademy features resources and activities relevant to both new and experienced GAs/TAs. Topics include mastering technology in the classroom, conducting effective labs and tutorials, best practices in grading and feedback, and a whole lot more!

GATAcademy is held annually around the beginning of September from 9 am until 2:30 pm in Dillon Hall. A FREE lunch is provided! 

View 2019 GATAcademy.

GA/TA Development Opportunities at the CTL!

The Centre for Teaching and Learning’s GA/TA development program is just getting started. With your participation and support, it will continue to grow.

If you wish to make use of any of the services listed below, or would like more information, please contact Pierre Boulos at

GA/TA Awards

Every year the CTL accepts nominations for two awards recognizing contributions by graduate and teaching assistants to the University's learning environment.

GA/TA Services Currently Offered

GATA Network. The GATA Network Development Team works with GAs and TAs across campus, introducing them to mentors and resources they will need to improve their pedagogical knowledge and skills. The latest members of the team are: Laura Chittle, GATA Network Coordinator (, and Elizabeth Ismail, GATA Digital Outreach Coordinator (, who are building upon the foundation created by Betsy Keating and Greg Paziuk. The GATA Network Development Team uses social media to connect students online. They are on Twitter at (@GATAnetwork), and Facebook. On campus, new and experienced GAs and TAs can meet face-to-face at learning communities, workshops, and practice sessions.

Towards Better Teaching - GATA Network Blog
The GATA Network blog has a full publishing schedule. Monday to Friday, readers can find information on the theory behind teaching and learning, tips, dilemmas, scenarios, videos, comics from our own in-house comic artist, profiles of UWindsor GAs and TAs, and information about upcoming workshops, guest speakers, and special events. Comments and questions are welcome.

Learning-Centred Teaching in Higher Education: Principles and Practices (graduate course). A 3-credit course open to graduate students from all faculties that introduces issues, concepts, trends, and effective practices in university teaching and learning as well as a multitude of approaches to systematically improve instruction. You will learn how to find and use scholarly information about teaching and learning, which you can use to deal strategically with common issues and topics. Course content includes active learning methods in large classes, diversity and inclusivity, teaching critical thinking and problem solving skills, case-based teaching, discussion-based teaching, and the use of feedback to support learning. You are expected to adapt what you learn to suit your own disciplinary teaching context. Enrollment is limited.

Course Design for Constructive Alignment (graduate course). A 3-credit course open to graduate students from all faculties that introduces you to effective principles and practices regarding syllabus creation, sequencing of course content, cohesion of a course with other courses, identifying what students can be expected to know, predicting time needed for completion of course requirements, creating effective learning outcomes, aligning outcomes with lessons and assessments to support deep learning, and using multiple means to regularly evaluate the quality of the course and teaching. By the end of the course, you should have a well-designed course that any department in your discipline should be pleased to offer. You will be encouraged to seek out models of exemplary courses in your own discipline. Enrollment is limited.

Leading Effective Discussions (half course). A six-week half-course in which you will learn about, and practice using, discussion-based teaching methods. Enrollment is limited.

Lecturing and Presentation (half course). A six-week half-course in which you will learn about, and practice using, pedagogically sound lecturing and presentation techniques. Enrollment is limited.

Online Education (half course). A six-week half-course in which you will learn about, and practice using, online education techniques suitable to face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses. Enrollment is limited.

Local GA/TA Communities. We encourage GAs and TAs to support and learn from each other. The GATA Network will assist small departmental or faculty groups with on-site discussions or workshops. That's right, we'll come to you! Just let us know which skills your group is interested in developing. Contact us at

Classroom Observations. GAs and TAs who want feedback on their teaching may request a classroom/laboratory/tutorial observation, followed by confidential written and verbal advice about both strengths and recommended changes.

Teaching Dossier Academy. A week-long summer event involving workshops and mentoring to help you create a teaching dossier that presents you at your best.

Teaching Dossier Support. Preparing for the job market? Applying for a sessional position? The CTL is happy to provide advice, mentoring, and support to help you create stellar teaching dossiers -- throughout the year.

Individual Consultations.  We are available throughout the year to meet with you to discuss teaching and learning issues, methodologies, philosophies . . . if it's about teaching and learning, we're happy to chat!

Teaching and Learning Workshops.  Throughout the year the CTL offers a variety of teaching and learning workshops open to all members of the University of Windsor community -- including GAs and TAs. Keep an eye on our website for details.