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CTL Staff

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Teaching and Learning Development

Kustra, Erika Dr.
Director, Teaching and Learning Development
Lambton Tower, room 2106. Ext. 4842,

Boulos, Pierre Dr.
Learning Specialist
Lambton Tower, room 2101A. Ext. 3767,

Collins, Terry
Online Learning Systems Administrator
Lambton Tower, room G103A. Ext. 4836,

Marval, Peter
Media Artist
Erie Hall, room 2110. Ext. 3473,

Potter, Michael K.
Teaching and Learning Specialist
Lambton Tower, room 2100. Ext. 4831,

Powley, Marilyn
Administrative Assistant
Lambton Tower, room 2107. Ext. 3090,

Pusca, Daniela Dr.
Teaching and Learning Specialist
CEI, room 2175. Ext. 2606,

Raffoul, Jessica
Research and Communications Coordinator
Lambton Tower, room 2101. Ext. 4829,

Skene, Allyson
Learning Specialist
Lambton Tower, room 2110A. Ext. 4923,

Stolarchuk, Lorie
Learning Technologies Educational Consultant
Lambton Tower, room 2102. Ext. 3050,