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Animal Care Committee - Office of Research Services

Committee Members

Membership - 2015-2016

John Hudson, Ph.D. Biological Sciences, Chair
Nadia Masri, Animal Care Coordinator
Jerry Cohen, Ph.D. Psychology, Committee Member
Kitrina Ellwood, Community Member
Drouillard, Ph.D. GLIER, Committee Member

Josh Wright, Student Member
Mathew Stover, Student Member

Terri Lawrence, Community Member
Todd Leadley, M.Sc., GLIER Technician, Committee Member
Nigel Hussey, Ph.D. Biological Sciences, Committee Member
Sherri Menard, Bio Safety Representative
Siyaram Pandey, Ph.D. Chemistry & Biochemistry, Committee Member
Kimberley Quinn, D.V.M. Consulting Veterinarian

Linda Sterling, Operations Manager, Central Animal Care Facility

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