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Animal Care Committee - Office of Research Services

Animal Care Committee Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) provide a detailed outline of commonly used research and husbandry procedures. They have been developed in consultation with experts in the particular fields and have been approved by the University of Windsor Animal Care Committee. Alternate procedures can be used but must be outlined in a AUPP. If an investigator wishes to proceed differently from an approved SOP, the reasons for deviating from standard procedure should also be included. Approval of the protocol indicates approval for the deviation from the SOP for that protocol only.

Reasons for Standard Operating Procedures

  • ensure that researchers have consistent procedures;
  • facilitate adherence to good practices and applicable regulations;
  • provide guidance to all researchers

While adherence to SOPs is not mandatory, any deviations from approved procedures must be documented in the AUPP. These changes will be reviewed by the Animal Care Committee. Therefore it is recommended that the reasons for any changes in procedure be clearly outlined.

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