Curriculum Mapping

Curriculum mapping is a process of documenting and analyzing the structure of program, and how individual courses work together to support student success through each year of study. It facilitates both summative program reporting for accreditation and IQAP purposes, as well as formative planning and enhancement by identifying which courses contribute to specific program outcomes, at what level of mastery, and articulating how this is assessed. Curriculum mapping also supports review and planning by making it easier for Departments and Faculties to identify gaps in their programs, bottlenecks or trouble‐spots that students may face, as well as areas of program strength.

Please see the Curriculum mapping primer for more information and curriculum mapping Excel file templates.

The Curriculum Mapping Aid (CuMA) is now available. This online tool contains an archive of Senate-approved learning outcomes at the University of Windsor as well as mapping and reporting functions. To learn more about CuMA and how to use it, please view our documentation.